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Metal & Thrash Lead Guitar

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Metal & Thrash Lead Guitar 

In our newest instructional product , Metal & Thrash Lead Guitar DVD, taught by virtuoso metal guitarist Dave Reffett, is a master class in the art of playing ripping metal-style leads like a world-class guitar god. Playing along to superbly produced backing tracks to five of his original songs that are featured on his album with Shred the Envelope, The Call of the Flames, Reffett demonstrates and teaches the essential playing techniques and stylistic elements that any aspiring metal lead guitarist should know. Topics covered include:

  • Combining Pentatonic & Blues-Scale Patterns with Modes 
  • Using the Harmonic Minor Scale and Arpeggios to craft exotic licks 
  • Alternate and Sweep Picking 
  • Palm Muting and Pinch Harmonics 
  • Tapping and Legato Phrasing 
  • String Bending and Vibrato 
  • Classical-Style Shred Runs 
  • Harmonic Squeals 
  • Whammy Bar Tricks and MUCH MORE! 



Please note: To access the written music for this DVD, insert the disc into your PC or Mac computer 

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