Prog Metal Riffing with Periphery's Mark Holcomb

Prog Metal Riffing with Periphery's Mark Holcomb

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Prog Metal Riffing with Periphery's Mark Holcomb


Mark Holcomb is one of three highly creative and innovative guitarists, along with Misha Mansoor and Jake Bowen, in the popular and pioneering progressive metal band Periphery.

This band's critically acclaimed songs and arrangements are characterized by deep, heavy riffs, complex rhythmic patterns, rich chord structures, 6-, 7- and 8-string guitar parts in extended, unusual tunings, compelling grooves and soaring melodies.

In this 12-chapter instructional video course, Holcomb, using material he has composed for both Periphery and his own band, Haunted Shores, masterfully teaches and demonstrates prog-metal musical and guitar playing concepts. This includes melodies from chord shapes and arpeggios, dissonant intervals and angular rhythms, unusual five- and six-string chord voicings, repetition avoidance in long phrases, as well as long finger slides and quick position shifts. He also offers creative legato phrasing exercises in odd meters and many more fascinating and useful tips.


Please note: To access the written music for this DVD, insert the disc into your PC or Mac computer 

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