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30 Hot Country Licks - Full Version

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30 Hot Country Licks - Full Version

Selected from Guitar World‘s Lick of the Day vault, this collection of tasty country-style guitar licks and lessons is presented by an elite group of seasoned guitar pickers and teachers, including Jerry Donahue, Peter Stroud, Lyle Brewer, Guthrie Govan, Keith Wyatt, Dale Turner, Jimmy Brown, Andy Aledort and others. Learn how to “chicken pick,” play Western-swing-style phrases, bend strings, make your guitar “weep” like a pedal steel, and more!

Instructor Name:

Jerry Donahue




Bluegrass, Blues, Country, Rock





Guitar Types:


Techniques Used:

alternating bass, alternate picking, arpeggios, bending behind the nut,"chicken pickin'," chords, double-stops, fingerpicking, finger slides, flatpicking, fret-hand muting, ghost notes, hammer-ons, hybrid picking, modes, open strings, palm muting, position shifts, pull-offs, reverse bends, scales, string bending, string skipping, strumming, sweep picking, vibrato, wide intervals


Andy Aledort, Chuck Berry, Blind Blake, Lyle Brewer, Jimmy Brown, James Burton, Eddie Cochran, Jerry Donahue, Mike Errico, Danny Gatton, Guthrie Govan, Albert Lee, Brent Mason, Scotty Moore, Matt Scharfglass, Jake Schwartz, Jason Sidwell, Slash, Peter Stroud, Merle Travis, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Joe Walsh, Bob Wills, Keith Wyatt

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