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Bass Player - February 2018 - Oteil Burbridge

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Bass Player - February 2018 - Oteil Burbridge


OTEIL BURBRIDGE - His gig with Dead & Company has him truckin’ through stadiums—and his first solo record in a dozen years proves that he’s earned his success. By Chris Jisi

JAH WOBBLE - With a new retrospective album, the monster of dub bass is taking songs from his career right to the edge. By Jon D’Auria

BP LIVE! 2017 - In case you missed it … highlights from our annual So-Cal shindig. By Chris Jisi

VAN HALEN’S “POUNDCAKE” - Michael Anthony wrangles a pulsating 16th-note feel with cool fills on the 1991 “Van Hagar” single.

Community - Lowdown, Dig My Rig, the Real World, Court of Opinion

New Gear - Electro-Harmonix, Fender, Waves

The Enquirer - Tribute to a legend

The Innovations - Phil Jones   

Bass Notes:   MAI AGAN Fretless lyricism with David Crosby
                        STEPHAN CRUMP Creating vertical structure with Borderlands Trio

                        BP RECOMMENDS 

Soundroom:  B&G Big Sister 4-string
                       WAYNE JONES
WJBPII preamp & WJ 2x10 cabinets
Mustang Bass PJ4-string

Woodshed:    JAZZ CONCEPTS Half-diminishing returns

                        R&B GOLD Baby Bass got back


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