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Bass Player - June 2016 - Bobby Vega

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Bass Player – June 2016


Bobby Vega – Just how funky can a player get with a pick? Ever since his first recording session at age 17 – with Sly Stone! – Vega has been answering that question with authority.

Tom Petersson – The original 12-stringer is rocking harder than ever with Cheap Trick, and he’s still searching for that elusive perfect tone.

Deep Purple’s “Gettin Tighter” – Glenn Hughes takes a funky and greasy turn on this charismatic 1975 cut from Come Taste the Band.

Community: Lowdown, The Real World, Dig My Rig, Court of Opinion

New Gear: ESP, New York Bass Works, TC Electronic & more

The One: Miller time

Bass Notes: John Myung Upping the support with Dream Theatre

                     Aidan Carroll Bass for life

                     Jerry “Jblakk” Henderson Throwing down with Big Sam’s Funky Nation

                     BP Recommends

Soundroom: Blackstar – Fly Bass amp

                     Mesa/Boogie – Subway D-800 head & Ultra-Lite cabinets

                     Lindy Fralin – pickups with Illitch electronics noise-canceling system


Woodshed: Jazz Concepts – Embracing Red Mitchell

                    R&B Gold – Dipping into “Chocolate” Perry

                    Extended Technique – Between slapping & muting

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