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Bass Player - June 2017 - Thundercat - High-Flying 6-String Superhero

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Bass Player – June 2017 - Thundercat - High-Flying 6-String Superhero


Thundercat - With a Grammy, diverse high-profile collaborations, and heaps of critical praise at his back, Stephen Bruner just might be emerging as the bass voice of a generation. By E.E. Bradman 


Dug Pinnick - The King's X 12-stringer is rocking a lean four strings with his mean supergroup trio, KXM. By freddy Villano 


Gentle Giant's "Mobile" Ray Shulman winds his way through rollicking odd-time grooves on this tortuous 1975 gem.


Community - Lowdown, Dig My Rig, the Real World, Court of Opinion

New Gear -  Mitchell, D'Addario, Rainger FX

Tech Bench - New! The inquirer

The Innovations - Joe Zon of Zon Guitars  

Bass Notes:   Bunny Brunel & Stanley Clarke Having a Ball with other bassists 

                        Ed Friedland Triple doubler with the Mavericks 

                        Jenny Lee Lindberg Trying new colors with Warpaint 

                        BP Recommends

Soundroom:  Stonefield 1-5S 5-string  

                        Chadwick Folding Bass 

                        API TranZformer


Woodshed:    Jazz Concepts  Seven heaven 

                        R&B Gold Been there, Dunn that  

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