Bass Player - March 2017 - Oskar Cartaya

Bass Player - March 2017 - Oskar Cartaya

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Bass Player – March 2017 - Oskar Cartaya


Oskar Cartaya - Working his way from Puerto Rico to the top of the indusry, the Latin-jazz master is now focused on his solo debut, Bajo Mundo.


Steve Di Giorgio - Bassdom's heaviest fretless player goes back to  Testament - and to the basics - with Brotherhood of the Snake.


The Yardbirds' "Lost Woman"Paul Samwell-Smith riffs and raves on this blues-rock classic from 1966.


Community - Lowdown, Dig My Rig, the Real World, Court of Opinion  

New Gear - Aguilar, Morley, Bergantino, Dunlop

The Innovations - Douglas Castro of Darkglass Electronics

Bass Notes:   Miles Mosley Getting down on upright

                        Alex Stiff Giving back to blues with the Record Company

                        BP Recommends

Soundroom:  Bergantino B|AMP head 

                        Danelectro D64 4-string

Woodshed:    Jazz Concepts  Scott LaFaro: Low & slow

                        R&B Gold We want Money

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