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Bass Player - May18 - Derek Smalls

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Bass Player - May 2018 Derek Smalls

From the West Midlands to the world’s biggest stages with Spinal Tap to
Albania—finally, the #1 rock bass god tells his story. By Karl Coryat with Chris Jisi

A unique solo-bass project taught Stu to let go of his perfectionism. By Chris Jisi

We check out nine sturdy bags that will protect your basses, even when they
need to be gate-checked on a flight. By Rod C. Taylor

Note lengths are key to Paul Turner’s retro-vibey feel on this cut from 2017’s

Community - Lowdown, Dig My Rig, the Real World, Court of Opinion

New Gear - Ibanez, Fender, Balaguer, Bergantino

The Innovators - The late Tom Wheeler

Bass Notes:   RON JOHNSON Anchoring a requiem with Gregg Allman
                        IAN HILL Decades of heaviness with Judas Priest
                        LYNN KELLER The art of preparation with School of Rock
                        RA DIAZ Living the dream with Suicidal Tendencies

Soundroom:  SEREK Sacramento 4-string
Mod TX Collection 4-string

Tech Bench    THE INQUIRER

                        NEW! BEHIND THE BASS Justin Meldal-Johnsen’s Fender JMJ                          Road Worn Mustang Bass

Woodshed:    JAZZ CONCEPTS Percy Heath’s moxy on “Doxy”

                        BERKLEE BASS BABYLON Jamming as a listening exercise


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