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Bass Player - November 2015 - Chris Squire

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In this month’s issue of Bass Player we recall on the troubling announcement that caught the music world by surprise.

This past May Chris Squire of YES was diagnosed with a rare form of leukemia and forced to take a leave of absence from the band’s busy touring schedule. After a temporary replacement was found, the band asked fans to send Chris good wishes for a speedy recovery as he underwent treatment. They were rattled but hopeful that he’d be able to get back to business. But just two months later, he had died. Read more about how the pioneer that guided YES for nearly half a century is gone.

Electric Bass Explorer, Tonal Innovator, production provocateur, and space/time traveler Bill Laswell leads a cottage industry recording adventurous works that blow away musical boundaries. From his late 1970s debut with industrial funksters Material to his role in Herbie Hancock’s global 1983 hit “Rockit” to the noise bands Last Exit, Painkiller, and beyond Laswell has pursued a profound musical vision. See what he's been up to lately.

BassNotes: The Blues has a humble new bass hero on its hands, and his name is Alex Peterson. The 16-year-old is advanced on his instrument, hip to bass history, and generally reverential. He and his guitarist/vocalist brother Glenn Jr. radiate natural talent and chemistry. Now introducing The Peterson Brothers….

Soundroom: Aquilina Bertone & Shelby 5 Strings. The true innovators—guys like Michael Tobias, Vinnie Fodera, Ken Smith, Stuart Spector, Ned Steinberger, Ron Wickersham, and Carl Thompson – invented the “boutique” concept, pushing the limits of design and materials to make bespoke beauties that satisfies the unique need of the customer.

New Gear:  

MBS Effects: Parallel Universe Bass Blender

Godlyke: Pivot-All Cable

Nordstrand Guitars: Dan Lutz Nordy DL vm5 Bass and much more!


We come to the fourth and final tribute cover of 2015. Readers offered a lot of support for Charlie Haden, Jack Bruce, and Louis Johnson. But we’ve seen the most love for Chris Squire thus far.

We’re underway with an exciting Bass Player LIVE! 2015 (November 7 & 8 in Los Angeles), Featuring Lifetime Awards for Nathan East, Lemmy, and Louis Johnson (posthumously). Plus clinics with John Taylor, Andrew Gouche, Tal Wilkenfeld, Ben Kenney with many more to come. Check the website/live for up to the minute details. See you there!



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