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In the ultimate DVD guide Play Rock Bass, you get everything you need to know to rock the bass like a pro. You'll learn fingerstyle, how to read tab, fretboard patterns, how to play rock grooves, amplification tips, essential theory and so much more!

You won't be able to find this product anywhere else. With more than 90 minutes of lessons, Play Rock Bass DVD gives you everything you need to start playing bass guitar now!

The Play Rock Bass DVD contents:

1. Parts of the Bass
2. Types of Basses
  • Four-String
  • Five-String
  • 12-String
  • Fretless
3. The Amplifier
4. Tuning the Bass
  • With and Without an Electronic Tuner
  • Using the Fifth Fret
  • Using Harmonics
5. Holding the Bass
  • Fretting Hand
  • Picking Hand
6. Pick-Hand Technique
  • Fingerstyle
  • Using a Pick
7. Tablature
8. Rhythm Primer
9. Finding Notes
  • Open Strings
  • Fretted Notes
  • The Chromatic Scale
10. Fretboard Patterns
  • Major and Minor Scale
  • Major and Minor Thirds
  • Fifths
  • Octaves
  • Major and Minor Triads
  • Major and Minor Pentatonic
11. Playing Grooves
Please note: This product includes a PDF booklet on the DVD and can be retrieved by opening the DVD on your computer.

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