How to Play Heavy Metal Bass for Beginners DVD

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Containing more than 70 minutes of lessons for beginners, How to Play Heavy Metal Bass DVD gives you everything you need to know about playing bass in a hard rock band! You'll learn fret-hand techniques, tunings, riffs, fingerpicking and much more. Tab files on the disc also include backing tracks for you to play along with.

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The How to Play Heavy Metal Bass DVD contents:

Using a Pick
Fret-Hand Technique
  • Fretting
  • Hammer-Ons
  • Pull-Offs
  • Trills
Fretboard Patterns
  • Minor Third
  • Major Third
  • Fifth
  • Tritone
  • Octave
  • Summary of Two-Note Patterns
  • Minor Triad
  • Major Triad
  • Sus9 Triad
  • Minor Pentatonic Box Pattern
  • Blues Box Pattern
  • One-String Scales
  • Straight Time
  • Half Time
  • Double Time
  • Shuffle
Advanced Techniques to Help Get You Fired From a Band
  • Bends
  • Tapping
  • Tapping Harmonics


Please note: This product includes a PDF booklet on the DVD and can be retrieved by opening the DVD on your computer.

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