Beginning Rock Guitar DVD

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Start playing rock guitar today with Beginning Rock Guitar, the ultimate DVD guide!

We show you everything you need to know to get started, including how to tune your guitar, strum, play scales and even hold and use a pick. You'll also learn how to read tabs and understand chords and chord frames. Beginning Rock Guitar has more than 75 minutes of lessons that will have you rocking like your favorite artists in no time.

Beginning Rock Guitar DVD shows you:

1. The Parts of the Guitar

  • Parts of the Acoustic Guitar
  • Parts of the Electric Guitar
  • Using an Amplifier

2. The Strings

3. Getting in Tune

  • Using an Electronic Tuner
  • The Fretted-Note Method
  • Tuning with Harmonics

4. Open Position Cowboy Chords & Chord Frames

  • The Proper Fret-Hand Position
  • Finger/Fret Assignments
  • Holding the Pick
  • Chord Frames

5. Strumming in Quarter Notes

  • Using a Metronome
  • From Single to Three Chords
  • Changing Chords Faster

6. More Strumming: Combining Quarter Notes and Eighth Notes

7. The Tab System

  • Navigating the Open Strings
  • Your First Scale: E Minor Pentatonic
  • Your Second Scale: C Major Scale
  • Reading Chords

8. Understanding Rhythms

9. Scale Studies

  • Straight Up and Down
  • Playing/Reading Melodies

10. Starting with Rock and Blues


Please note: This product includes a PDF booklet on the DVD and can be retrieved by opening the DVD on your computer.

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