Heavy Metal DVD Triple Pack

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20 Essential Metal Licks

Master the essential metal techniques used by artists like Metallica, Pantera, Slayer, Dream Theater, Iron Maiden and many others. In this feature-filled Lick Pack DVD, you'll learn the essential of metal guitar playing, such as two-note harmonies and power chords, alternate-picking and hammer-on accents, pentatonic wide-stretch leads, string-skipping arpeggios, fast alternate picking, legato arpeggios and more! You'll also be treated to artist-specific licks, including melodies à la Metallica and Testament, Dimebag Darrell-style picking techniques, and Slayer-inspired thrash!

With over 60 minutes of instruction you'll learn to play in the styles of:

• Dimebag Darrell
• John Petrucci
• Metallica
• Iron Maiden
• Slayer
• Randy Rhoads
• Jake E. Lee
• And many others!

Your instructor is Metal Mike Chlasciak. A longtime contributor to Guitar World magazine with his Metal for Life instructional column, Metal Mike plays guitar for Halford and with his own solo band. His latest releases are The Metalworker and This Is War, available from metalmike.net

Heavy Metal Hybrid Picking DVD

Check out Guitar World's latest instructional DVD Heavy Metal Hybrid Picking featuring Dave Davidson. With over 60 minutes of instructional lessons, you'll learn how to combine sweep picking with fingerpicking, one-note-per-string arpeggios, and hybrid picking double-steps.
Plus, you'll also get access to:

• Zakk Wylde-style chicken pickin' techniques
• "Jimi Hendrix-chord" arpeggio rolls
• Hammer-ons, open strings, palm muting and note clusters
• Wide-interval licks with string skipping
• Legato seventh-chord arpeggios
• Whole-tone and diminished scale runs
• Blues organ licks

and much more!

Please note: To access the written music for this DVD, insert the disc into your PC or Mac computer and browse the disc for the PDF.

Metal For Life: Mastering Heavy Metal Guitar

Strap on your ax for an extreme-metal boot camp, as Metal Mike Chlasciak helps you hone your chops to perfection. You'll learn how to traverse the fretboard with ever-essential minor pentatonic scale, incorporate minor scales into riffs and rhythm parts, build power-chord variations for maximum sonic effect and much more. With over two hours of lessons, this DVD is perfect for any skill-level in the heavy metal genre.

Plus, you'll get a first-hand tutorial in playing black and death metal and creating licks in the styles of:

• Metallica
• Testament
• Pantera

• and more!

Your instructor:

A longtime contributor to Guitar World magazine with his "Metal for Life" instructional column, Metal Mike Chlasciak plays guitar for Halford and with his own band. His latest releases are The Metalworker and This is War, available from metalmike.net.


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