In Deep: How to Play Reggae & Funk

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Guitar World DVD: In Deep with Andy Aledort Presents How to Play Reggae & Funk

In the How to Play Reggae & Funk DVD, Guitar World editor and instructor Andy Aledort teaches you how to play classic reggae rhythms, chord progressions and music in the style of Bob Marley. Plus, he shows you all the syncopated grooves and hot chords used in the funkiest R&B. It's an incredible two-for-one deal!

Part of Guitar World's In Deep with Andy Aledort Series, this DVD is available only at the Guitar World online store. Get your copy today for just $9.99!

How to Play Reggae & Funk DVD includes:
In Deep: Bob Marley
1. Basic Reggae Rhythm
2. Combining Different Chord Voicings with Dead-String Accents
3. Basic Reggae Chord Progressions
4. Using Echo to Create a Dub Effect
5. One Love-style Rhythms
6. Soloing à la Waiting in Vain
7. I Shot the Sheriff-style Rhythm
8. No Woman, No Cry-style Rhythm
9. Soloing à la No Woman, No Cry

In Deep: Funk
1. Basic Funk-Style Rhythm
2. Syncopated Chordal Accents Only
3. Dead-String Accents Only
4. Syncopated Dead-String Accents
5. 9th-Chord Syncopated Rhythms
6. Adding Bass Riffs to Rhythm Parts
7. 13th-Chord Syncopated Rhythms with Riffs
8. Minor-Chord Syncopated Rhythms with Riffs
9. Doubling the Bass Line
10. Adding a Counter Bass Line
11. Sliding Mixolydian Sixths 


 Please note: This product includes a PDF booklet on the DVD and can be retrieved by opening the DVD on your computer.

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