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electronic MUSICIAN - February 2016 - The 2016 Editor's Choice Awards

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Electronic Musician – February 2016

This issue brings you the 2016 Editor’s Choice Awards. We approach awards a little differently here. Rather than shoehorning gear into rigid product categories, we prefer to pick the winners first, and then create a unique award for each product that truly celebrates the things that make it special.

So join us in celebrating this year’s 25 winners – innovative products that will help you make better music, whether you’re in the studio, onstage, or in the DJ booth.

Mutemath – The New Orleans quartet move away from alt – funk rock and lean heavily on synths on their fourth album, the sunny reflective Vitals.

The ARP: A Photo History – We would like to dedicate this feature to the memory of Dennis Colin, one of ARP’s early engineers, who took his own life in November 2015. Colin was a major force behind the circuit design of ARP’s first synthesizers.

Technology Spotlight - Nord Mutator: Evolution of a patch controller

New Gear - New products from Radial Engineering, preSonus, EastWest, and more!

Mod Squad – Synthesis Technology E950 Circuit Bent VCO

Master Class – Program bass for any genre, using stock instruments and effects

Production – Phase – Based de-essing tricks

Gear Reviews – Roli Seaboard Rise, Uvi Falcon, Novation Circuit, Izotope RX 5 Waves Cobalt Saphira



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