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electronic MUSICIAN - November 2015 - Celebrating 30 Years

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electronic Musician - November 2015 - Celebrating 30 years! 1985 - 2015

The November 2015 issue of electronic Musician covers Three Decades of Interviews. 

Over the past three decades, we've conducted thousands of interviews with the brightest minds in music. Some waxed philosophical, some had uncanny technological foresight,and some were utterly hilarious. But they were all inspirational. Here are some of our favorite words of wisdom collected over the years....

  • Laurie Anderson - September 1985
  • Frank Zappa - September 1986
  • Wendy Carlos - November 1986
  • John Cage - March 1988
  • Brendan O' Brien - March 1993
  • Sylvia Massy - December 1994
  • Tony Visconti - October 1995
  • Danny Elfman - February 1997 and many more!

Come on inside and take a stroll down memory lane with us.

Roundtable: Over a span of three decades, MIDI has changed the course of the entertainment industry in a profound way by providing a communication protocol that could be applied not only to musical instruments but also to any devise. Find out more as we talk to Lippold Haken, who has been developing the Continuum Fingerboard since the 80's and introduced it to the market in 2000: Roland Lamb, designer of the Roli Seaboard Grand (see our review on page 62) ; and electronic instrument pioneer Roger Linn, whose LinnStrument controller was reviewed in our October issue (available at emusician dot com).

Mod Squad: Spectral Multiband Resonator. Six bandpass filters that offer deep dynamic frequency control.

Playlist: (Notable Albums From 1985)

Prince - Purple Rain

Bruce Springsteen - Born in the USA

Aretha Franklin - Who's Zoomin Who?

Phil Collins - No Jacket Required

Dire Straits - Brothers In Arms

Madonna - Like A Virgin

USA For Africa - We Are The World

Community: Electronic Musician is celebrating its 30th anniversary at AES show (October 28 to November 1 in NYC) by hosting an "Evolution of Electronic Instruments" panel. Find out the exact details on how to celebrate with us!


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