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Guitar Aficionado - March/April - 2014 - Winter Olympians

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Guitar Aficionado - March/April 2014 - Winter Olympians

In the March/April 2014 issue of Guitar Aficionado catches up with six 2014 Winter Olympians who will enter the heat of Olympic competition in the winter of 2014.  But, J.R. Celski, Lowell Bailey, Andy Newell, Stacey Cook, Laurenne Ross and Tim Jitloff spend their free time cooling down with six strings.

Guitar Aficionado also has a motoring special, celebrating three movers and shakers who find their passion at the intersection of cars and guitars. 

  • First, former NASCAR driver Kyle Petty has switched from four wheels to two, but he's always relied on the comfort of six strings. 
  • Next, Jason Chinnock details how playing guitar in a touring band landed one auto enthusiast a prime gig at Lambourghini. 
  • And finally, famed luthier Bill Collings divides his time between crafting guitars and building hot rods.


The Risan Collection which includes nearly 300 of the world's finest vintage archtop, flattop, and classical/flamenco guitars hit Guernsey's auction block in April. 

From England to Vienna, via Paris, the Alps and Italy.  How to see Europe in four days, in a Rolls-Royce Wraith. 

Plus, reviews, guitar care, watches, spirits, and much more!

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