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Guitar Legends - Play Like a Guitar Wizard

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Steve Vai checks in from Eastern Europe to provide some insider tips on becoming the ultimate guitar wizard.

Practicing Voodoo:  So you want to play like Jimi Hendrix.  Celebrated authority Andy Aledort shows you how to get experienced in these easy steps.

Zakk Wylde's Guitar Boot Camp:  Okay, maggot, fall in and let the supreme sergeant of shred, Zakk Wylde, show you how to be all you can be with his 100 percent brewtal guitar boot camp!

Walk on the Wild Slide:  Cosmic Indian ragas.  Otherworldly sacred steel licks.  Celestial harmonics.  Allman Brothers' master of the slide, Derek Trucks, offers wisdom in the key of open E.

Also, shred master Joe Satriani saves the day with an in-depth lesson in the art and science of playing rock lead guitar.

And much more!


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