Guitar Legends - The 30 Greatest Classic Rock Guitar Heroes

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Celebrating 30 years of Guitar World, this issue of Guitar Legends is proud to bring together the world's 30 most influential guitar players of the past century.

Guitar Legends: The 30 Greatest Classic Rock Guitar Heroes features interviews with the legends--including Jimmy Page, Eric Clapton Jimi Hendrix, Buddy Guy, and many more!

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Inside this issue:

  • Jeff Beck: One of rock and roll's greatest virtuoso guitarists recalls his glory days and friendships with Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page and Jimi Hendrix.
  • Dickey Betts: The former Allman Brothers guitarist talks about his partnership with the late Duane Allman and the making of the classic live album At Fillmore East.
  • Ritchie Blackmore: A few years before forming the Renaissance-inspired Blackmore's Night, the former Deep Purple guitarist recounted his career highlights, including the writing of "Smoke on the Water."
  • Eric Clapton: The guitarist formerly known as God speaks about Cream, Duane Allman and the sacred blues that inspires his playing.
  • Kurt Cobain: As the heart and soul of Nirvana, he gave voice to a generation and brought punk into the mainstream.
  • The Edge: His droning, echo-laden guitar tone is the backbone of U2's distinctive sound.
  • John Fogerty: The heart and soul of Creedence Clearwater Revival gives a revealing look into his influences and techniques.
  • Ace Frehley: Kiss'' former Space Ace explains the origins of the group's makeup and his smoking Les Paul effect.
  • Billy Gibbons: ZZ Top's eccentric ax slinger draws inspiration from the blues, rock and electro-pop.
  • David Gilmour: The Pink Floyd guitarist talks about his influences and instruments and the making of "Shine On You Crazy Diamond."
  • Buddy Guy: The blues great who influenced Hendrix, Clapton, Page and Stevie Ray Vaughan talks about his own early years and the players that shaped this world.
  • Jimi Hendrix: Seven days before his death in 1970, rock's most influential guitarist shared some thoughts about his past and plans for the future.
  • B.B. King: The legendary performer talks about the guitar influences that helped him become the King of electric blues.
  • Robby Krieger: The Door's legendary guitarist tells the stories behind the band's greatest songs and how it was to work with Mr. Mojo Risin''.
  • Alex Lifeson: The Rush guitarist explains the creation and recording of the band's best-known tracks.
  • Brian May: Queen's guitarist talks about his distinctive tone and creating the hits "Bohemian Rhapsody" and "Fat Bottomed Girls."
  • Ted Nugent: The Motor City Madman goes hunting to keep his passion for the guitar alive.
  • Jimmy Page: Led Zeppelin's mastermind talks about the making of the group's landmark 1973 album, Houses of the Holy.
  • Les Paul: The innovator of the electric guitar and recording technology sheds some light on the beginnings of his career as a player and inventor.
  • Joe Perry: The Aerosmith guitarist talks about the hits that launched the group's decades-long career.
  • Keith Richards: Rock and roll's stone survivor talks about the Rolling Stones'' late Sixties/early Seventies songs, albums and gear.
  • Gary Rossington: Lynyrd Skynyrd's original street survivor reflects on Confederate flags, triple-threat guitars and the group's enduring legacy.
  • Carlos Santana: The rock-fusion legend talks about playing Woodstock and tells how he conjures up his supernatural solos.
  • Tom Scholz: Back in the Seventies, Boston's whiz kid foretold the future of home recording with a pair of hit albums.
  • Pete Townshend: The rock and roll innovator tells all about his classic gear, his friendship with Hendrix and the Who's greatest tracks and albums.
  • Eddie Van Halen: The shred legend reflects on his technique and contributions to guitar virtuosity.
  • Stevie Ray Vaughan: In this 1989 interview, the Austin powerhouse talks about the forces that shaped his music and helped him re-energize the blues.
  • Angus Young: AC/DC's diminutive riff-meister talks about starting out, playing live and creating the bard's hard-rocking guitar sound.
  • Neil Young: The multidimensional guitarist and songwriter surveys a decade of his long career via his 2009 Archives box set.
  • Frank Zappa: The iconoclastic genius talks about the logistics of performing his intricate compositions and explains why Steve Vai is the best guitarist he ever hired.

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