Guitar World - July 2016 - Eric Clapton

Guitar World - July 2016 - Eric Clapton

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Guitar World – July 2016 – Eric Clapton

Clapton’s no stranger to looking to the past for fresh musical inspiration, a philosophy that’s in full effect on I Still Do, his new collection of original songs and rousing tributes. Slowhand sits with Guitar World to discuss this most recent trip down memory lane.

Amon Amarth – Guitar World locks horns with Amon Amarth, the ax-wielding warriors from Sweden, as they bring their pulverizing brand of death metal to American Shores.

Lennon & Claypool – Last summer Sean Lennon appeared at the home of his friend Les Claypool in hopes of making some cool new music. Could they do it without driving each other crazy?

Summer Tour Survival Guide – The guitarists on this summer’s hottest festivals and tours share secrets for beating the heat and stirring up the mosh pits…and avoiding Taco Bell at all costs.

Blues Gear Roundup – Got the blues but not the gear? Cheer up with this excellent assortment of blues-ready guitars, amps, effects and more.

Tune Ups: The return of Diamond Head, Kvelertak, Dear Guitar Hero with Chris Hillman, the Contortionist and Hellyeah.

Soundcheck: Fender, Gretsch, Ernie Ball Music Man, Prestige, Electro-Harmonix, MXR and Casa Distortion.

Transcribed:   “Helpless” by Metallica

                      “Forever Man” by Eric Clapton

                      “Europa (Earth’s Cry Heaven’s Smile) by Santana

                       “War of the Gods” by Amon Amarth


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