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Guitar Player - April 2017 – Metallica

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The April issue of Guitar Player features Metallica

James Hetfield and Kirk Hammett have come a very, very long way from playing crap clubs in San Francisco's East Bay. They are wealthy men, their band sells gazillions of records and fills stadiums, and they own tons of cool instruments that many of us would die to have in our collections. But none of that matters when they plug in their guitars and play. This is a story about how passion can transcend accomplishment, and still-after years and years of success and tours and recording studios-drive those who love the guitar to get chills every time they pick up their instruments. These guys mean it, man! Bonus: Hammett talks about his acquisitions of Peter Green's "magic" Les Paul. (Spoiler Alert: He means to play it-not hide it in a display case.) 


Features:  Alter Bridge 

                  Andy Timmons 

                 John Hall 

                 Rafael Moreira 

                 GP50 New at NAMM (from September 1973) 

Classic Column: Mick Goodrick on Improvisation (from December 1991)


  • Melodic Ear Training Listen up while Jesse Gress teaches you how to tune in and not drop out.
  • Finger Lickin' Good David Brewster shares the secret recipe to hybrid picking for lead playing. 
  • Classic Riff "Goo Goo Barabajaga" by Donovan with the Jeff Beck Group 
  • GP50 Page Milliken on Harmonics (from February 1973) 
  • Seventeen-year-old Skye Emanuel wins the 2017 Ronnie Montrose Rock the Nation Award, Jim Campilongo salutes Michael Bloomfield, Terry Dolan's lost masterpiece, Michael A. Aczon discusses "musical mouthpieces," Steven Hunter talks about tracking Peter Gabriel's first solo album, and more. 


Bryan Sutton 

New Acoustic Offerings from Winter NAMM 2017

Review: AER Compact 60/3 Tommy Emmanuel Signature Amp

GP50 Easy Guitar: Capos (from October 1971)


Tube Combo Roundup We test four new amps from Bogner, Dr.Z, Friedman, and Morgan.  

New Gear from 2017 Winter NAMM  

Mission Engineering Gemini 2 Studio 

Fire-Eye Bright-Eye Clean Boost/Buffer 

Rivotta Combinata Standard 

Stompbox Fever New pedals from Black Cat, Mu-FX, and Supro 

Radial JDX Direct-Drive 

Jensne Jet Tornado Stealth 100 

Whack Job 1969 Yamaha TA-30

Classic Gear 1979 Marshall JMP50 2204 Master Model 




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