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Guitar Player - August 2017 – Tommy Emmanuel

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The August issue of Guitar Player features Tommy Emmanuel 


Tommy Emmanuel 

Find out why this astounding fingerpicker is perhaps the most frightening, accomplished. evangelical, and giving acoustic-guitar player in the world today. 


50 Transcendent Acoustic Guitarists 

Bonus! Two Cover Stories in One issue! The GP staff unveils its list of the top 50 acoustic players. Well, with Tommy Emmanuel leading the pack, that makes 51. But wait, we also have sidebars on YouTube sensations, acoustic rockers. and singer/songwriters. Whew!


Features:  Styx, Andy Summers, Robin Trower  

Classic Column: David Hicks defends the Vox Buckingham amp (from November 1985).


  • Melodic Journey David Brewster decodes Neal Schon's soulful lead playing. 
  • Classic Riff "Hey You" by Pink Floyd 
  • GP50 Adrian Legg's "Preverted" Banjo (from July 1994).
  • Tom Dumont goes back to the '80s for his Dreamcar tones, Jim Campilongo celebrates Julian Bream, Dave Baker reveals how to nail a Nashville audition, Steve Hunter talks about tracking "Here comes the Flood" for Peter Gabriel, a classic Pro's Reply with Bill Nelson, and reports on guitar festivals from Poland and New Orleans. 


  • 11 Hot Acoustics for Summer 
  • Review BOSS Acoustic Singer Pro 
  • GP50 Stefan Grossman on fingerpicking fiddle tunes (from September 1976).



  • New Gear 
  • New Electric String Formulations 
  • Framus Pro Series Panthera Supreme II 
  • Line 6 Spider V 240HC
  • Dr.Z Surgical Steel 
  • API TranZformer GT 
  • Classic Gear 1965 Maestro Fuzz-Tone FZ-1A

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