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Guitar Player - Holiday 2015 - Annual Budget Solidybody Roundup

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Our holiday edition introduces 15 electrifying electrics all under $799!

Annual Budget Electric Roundup!

Just in time for the holidays we round up and review electrics from Bohemian, Carvin/Kiesel, Danelectro, Epiphone, ESP LTD, Fender, Godin, Guild, Gretsch, Ibanez, Slick, Sterling, Peavey, Squier, and Washburn.

Opening Shots: We get up close and personal with the gigs, the gear, and the glory that make playing guitar the coolest thing in the world.

Riffs: we check in with Malina Moye, Martin Barre talks Tull, Devon Allman picks Robert Randolph’s brain, and more!

Get Smart: Craig Anderton on Technology.

                    Steve Hunter on Classic Sessions

Lessons: Under Investigation – A thorough examination of a particular style or player. This month Glen Campbell

                 Name That Tune – See if you can follow the clues and decipher this month’s mystery riff.

                 Fretboard Recipes – Melodic Sequences Pt.1

                 Rhythm Workshop – Odd Bar Counts

Classic Ad: Pignose Amps (from the September 1979 issue GP)

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