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Guitar Player - January 2017 - Suicide Silence

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The January issue of Guitar Player features Suicide Silence 


Suicide Silence - The Riverside, California, deathcore band is ruling the web and selling tons of records, but they aren't satisfied. They just finished recording their upcoming album with one of their heroes-producer Ross Robinson-and guitarists Chris Garza and Mark Heylmun share inside details on the sessions, their gear, and how they aspire to be heavier than ever. 


Features: Metal Special! 

                Aeges, Invidia, Miss May I, Once Human, Wolf Hoffmann


                GP50 Weird Scenes Inside the Archives 


Classic Column: Frank Zappa (from the March 1983 issue



  • Metal Primer Jesse Gress shows you how to create heavy riffs.
  • Steve Lukather's Chromatic Fantasies Learn Luke's 12-tone secrets.
  • Classic Riff "Outside Woman Blues" by Cream 
  • GP50: Mel Bay on Minor Seventh Chords (from the August 1968 issue) 


Jon Herington on crafting solos that don't suck, session great Steve Hunter details his '70s guitar tones, Michael A. Aczon counsels you on "music money," check out a book on the late Jim Marshall's jazz festival photography, Jim Campilongo on Merle Haggard and Roy Nicols, and more! 



David Grisman 

Review Traveler CL-3EQ

GP50 Charlie Byrd 


 Gear:  New Gear 

             12'' Speaker Roundup Six new speakers from Celestion, Electro-Voice,                          Eminence, Kendrick, Tone Tubby, and WGS. 

             Fractal AXB 

             Exclusive! Boss Katana-100 and Katana-100 Head 

             Wudtone S Bridge 

             Vintage 47 Amp Roundup 

             Magnatone Super 59

             Nady U-2100 Dual Wireless System 

             Homer T Turbo '62 and Sonic '63 

             Classic Gear Selmer Zodiac Twin 



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