Guitar Player - July 2016 - Carl Verheyen

Guitar Player - July 2016 - Carl Verheyen

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The July 2016 issue of Guitar Player features Super Chops! With Carl Verheyen

The fretboard master talks about carving a niche with a new album, a truckload of gear, and the most intense practice regimen ever. Bonus lesson! Verheyen helps you play better and sound better right now.

Celebrating Prince - His GP Interviews – How To Play Like Him

Ana Popovic – The fearless blues burner once again does exactly what common wisdom tells her not to.

Larkin PoeMegan and Rebecca Lovell are Classical Renegades, Bluegrass Shredders, and Rock and Roll Souls.

Opening Shots: We get up close and personal with the gigs, the gear, the guts and the glory that make  playing guitar the coolest thing in the world.


  • Tribute Lesson – Prince
  • Feature Lesson – Joe Diorio’s Intervallic Designs
  • Artist Lesson – Megadeath
  • Style Lesson – Neighbor Tones
  • Classic Riff – Stevie Ray Vaughan’sScuttle Buttin
  • Delay Lesson – Getting the most out of your delay pedal


    Riffs: Gary Brawer gets greasy, Lyle Workman feels the Love, Kiefer Sutherland goes collecting. Jennifer Batten jogs your memory. Jim Campilongo spins Harvey Mandel, and more!

    Frets: Makana

              Review – D’Addario Nickel Bronze Acoustic Strings

              Vintage Excerpt – Mike Auldridge on Reading Charts (from the November 1979 issue of Frets)



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