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Guitar Player - July 2017 – Own Your Tone!

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The July issue of Guitar Player features Own Your Tone! 


Own Your Tone! 

As more and more powerful digital tools join the massive ranks of tube amps and analog effects out there, players now have so many options for crafting guitar tone that it can sometimes seem overwhelming. Well, take a breath. Let us demystify some essential sonic elements so that you can easily understand what they all mean, why they exist, and how they affect guitar tone. Knowing the basics of tonal architecture should help you craft guitar sounds that are more personal, more unique, and more awesome-and all without fear. Whether you're a tube head or a digital technologist-or an experienced pro or a beginner-there should be some "Eureka!" moments here to expand your sonic explorations. 


Features:  Allan Holdsworth 

                  Warren Haynes

                  Larry Coryell 

                  Reggie Young 

Classic Column: Jimmy Stewart on Arranging (from February 1978)


  • Extra-Terrestrial Tourism Vinnie DeMasi decodes Radiohead's otherworldly guitars on 1997's OK Computer.
  • Hitting the Mark Jesse Gress illustrates how "target tones" can sweeten your blues licks. 
  • Classic Riff "Open My Eyes" by Nazz 
  • GP50: Larry Coryell on inside Chords (from March 1987) 
  • Murali Coryell honors his dad's legacy, Joe Satriani and crew on the 30th anniversary of Surfing with the Alien, a classic Tom Wheeler interview with the late Chuck BerryBen Lacy gets percussive in his No Guitar Is Safe podcast, the late J. Gelis on sustain, and more! 


Andy McKee 

Review IK Multimedia iRig Acoustic Stage

Field Test Framus Legacy FD28 Nashville SBT Cutaway

GP50 Happy Traum on Travis picking (from May 1975)


Music Man Monarchy Series Majesty 6 

Mitchell MS400 and MD400 

Danelectro '66

Fishman SA330x Combo+ Performance Audio System 

Whack Job 1967 Teisco V2T Flying Wedge

Classic Gear  The 1962 Gibson Les Paul/SG 

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