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Guitar Player - March 2017 – Who Will Save the Guitar?

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The March issue of Guitar Player features Who Will Save the Guitar?

With concerns over young players abandoning the guitar, are guitarists facing an extinction-level event? Too dramatic? Well, there’s definitely enough concern in the music-gear industry to inspire some companies to explore strategies for seducing—and maintaining—an obsession with guitar in tykes, teens, and Millennials. In the first of many articles on guitarcraft and “guitar health” that GP is launching as part of its 50th anniversary, the staff looks at how some manufacturers are reaching out to potential players—as well as how important women guitarists may be to the instrument’s future.

Features:  Corrado Rustici 

                  Timothy B. Schmit 

                  Harvey Mandel

                  Michael Britt 

                  Steve Rothery

                  GP50 Combo Corner (from August 1968)

Classic Column: Tommy Tedesco (from August 1979)


  • Steely Chords – Jesse Gress details the chord voicings and progressions behind a few Steely Dan classics.   
  • Three-String Rock – Vinnie DeMasi shows you how to hack the five pentatonic scale shapes.  
  • Classic Riff "Signed, Sealed, Delivered I’m Yours” by Stevie Wonder
  • GP50: Jennifer Batten Tapping Study (from September 1990)
  • Steve Jones on creating the sound of punk guitar, Jim Campilongo checks out some tasty playing by Billy Butler, a quick trip from Joan Armatrading, Steve Hunter’s tribute to Jason Becker continues, Michael A. Aczon lays down a copyright primer, Craig Anderton looks at USB cables, a 1970 Pro’s Reply by Tal Farlow, and a salute to Emily Remier.


Lawson Rollins

Review Epiphone Masterbilt Century Collection Acoustic Archtops 

GP50 Michael Lorimer (from June 1976)


New Gear 

Distortion Pedal Roundup  Five dirty little boxes tested: BMF El Jefe, Bondi Sick As, Joe Gore Filth Fuzz, Rat Distortion Fat Rat, and Truetone Route 66 V3.  

Boswell BG-R

Malinoski Cosmic

Yamaha THR100HD Dual Modeling Amplifer and THRC212 Cabinet

Backbone Guitar Resonance Enhancer

Electro-Voice KX-12P Powered Loudspeakers

RC Davis Fifty

Whack Job 1974 Gibson Les Paul Custom 20th Anniversary

Bogner La Grange

Classic Gear Gibson PAF Humbuckers


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