GuitarPlayer - Dec 12 - Jimmy Herring

GuitarPlayer - Dec 12 - Jimmy Herring

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Jam band guru Jimmy Herring discusses his new solo album track by track, his modified guitars and other gear, improvisation, and much much more.  Bonus! - "Jimmy Herring's Top 10 Improvising Guitarists." 

This month in RiffsTom Dumont's rhythm-guitar rules, Tito Lopez's top five guitar riffs, the tenth anniversary of Little Kids Rock, Guitar Fest Live acoustic champ Chris Surma, Experience PRS, Carl Verheyen, Editor's Faves, and more!

Gear Roundup - 8 electrics under $300. 


  • Ten Things You Gotta Do to Play Texas Blues, Part 1 - Learn from the fathers of Texas blues:  Lightnin', Gatemouth, T-Bone, Pee Wee, and Freddie!
  • The Power of Three, Pt. 1 - Bryan Clark brings a whole new approach to triads.
  • Hey Jazz Guy - Jake Hertzog shows you how to lend consistency to your solos with parent scales.
  • Quick Licks - The British are coming, and they're armed with Quick Licks.

And much more!

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