Michael Angelo Batio’s Sweep Picking Boot Camp

In this seven-chapter suite of lessons, world-renowned electric lead guitar virtuoso and recording artist Michael Angelo Batio presents a comprehensive crash course in the art and science of sweep picking, with brilliantly performed, breathtaking demonstrations and equally impeccable explanations of the technique and its applications for playing fast, clean arpeggio-based licks and runs. Batio begins by showing you proper sweep picking technique, including the importance of muting any unplayed strings with both hands, and gets you started with sweep-friendly Am arpeggio shapes played across all six strings in a variety of positions. He then shows you how to incorporate hammer-ons and pull-offs into ascending and descending sweeps on the lowest and highest strings and how to perform smooth, efficient transitions, or “turnarounds,” from an upstroke to a downstroke, and vice versa. Michael then goes on to show several useful A major arpeggio shapes and the technique of rolling a barred fretting finger, so as to prevent notes from ringing together and sounding like a strummed chord. After this, our ace instructor shows you how to transpose the shapes you’ve learned to different keys and tonal centers and use sweep picking to fluently play different types of arpeggios and melodically outline chord progressions, using longer examples that serve as highly effective and musically pleasing etudes. Michael then demonstrates how to incorporate tapping and tapped finger slides into sweep arpeggios to extend your note range on the high E string and add interesting melodic “color tones” to straight arpeggios.