MIX - February 2016 - Saltmine Studio Oasis

MIX - February 2016 - Saltmine Studio Oasis

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This month, MIX features Saltmine Studio Oasis, where we talk to owner Don Salter about his career, his clients, his stellar studio staff, and the construction of his beautiful studio complex. It is complete with loads of vintage gear—a true audio oasis in the desert.

Mix writers Wes Maebe and Markkus Rovito are behind our Build Your Own Studio feature, where Wes builds a (mostly) analog studio on a $100,000 budget, while Markkus builds a (mostly) digital studio on a $35,000 budget.

Next, we talk to producer Stan Lynch and engineer Jeff Balding talk about recording Don Henley's country album, Cass County. In the Music Section, engineer Mike Hagler discusses recording the Waco Brothers latest album, Going Down in History at Kingsize Sound Labs studio.

The Live section covers recording the orchestra in 9.1, with Gregor Zielinsky and Sennheiser. And this month's Classic Track tells the story behind Elton John's hit, "Honky Cat." Plus! Check out our guide to dual-channel mic preamps.


The February Regional section focuses on Florida and features news from SAE Miami, Dream Asylum studio, and Vanquish Studios. As well as session news from Gasoline Alley Recording Studio, Trunoyz Recording Studios, The Hit Factory Criteria, Evermore Sound, Mix Factory Studios, and The Vibe Recording.


Studio Mics from AEA, Royer and Lauten Audio

Synchro Arts Revoice Pro 

Sound Devices 688 Mixer/Recorder With SL-6




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