Revolver - Apr/May 2015 - Faith No More

Revolver - Apr/May 2015 - Faith No More

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Revolver - Apr/May 2015 - Faith No More

The cat's out of the bag! The Apr/May 2015 issue of Revolver features metal's superheroes Faith No More, who return with a new album and a full-on victory! For nearly two decades, fans have been bugging Faith No More for a comeback. While they may have spent 18 years working on various side projects, the group assures us that they aren't going away any time soon.

Then, if you're curious as to what a day in the life of an honest-to-god rock and roll band circa 2015 is like, look no further than We Are Harlot. After spending years of trying to kick-start We Are Harlot, partygoers Danny Worsnop, Jeff George & co. are just looking for a good time.

Next, witness an attack of the vikings in Rebel Meets Rebel. Primordial's vocalist Alan Averill riffs with Ivar Bjørnson, guitarist for Norway's Ensalved.

Also, we check in with Cancer Bats, who after a series of unforeseen challenges and tragedies sent the band into a tailspin. Now, with Searching For Zero, they're confronting their ability to bounce back from adversity.

Later, two of the first blatantly satanic rock bands were - surprise, surprise - female-fronted groups that actually pre-date Black Sabbath. We take a look at the ladies in Royal Thunder, Witch Mountain, Castle, and more.

PLUS: Coliseum's cats, heavy metal horrorshows, Fear FestEvil returns, bands to watch: Like a Storm, Muck, Randy Rhoads tribute and much more!




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