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20 Essential Acoustic Rock Licks - TABS ONLY

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Master the ins and outs of acoustic rock guitar and learn the techniques of players like Pete Townshend, Jimmy Page, Neil Young, Bob Dylan, and others.  This lick pack will teach you how to play versatile rhythm patterns, arpeggiated open chords, open suspended chords, and hammers and pulls. Plus, you’ll learn the basics of playing in the styles of rockabilly, early rock and roll, The Beatles, Delta Blues, and more!

Instructor Name: Andy Aledort

Genres: Acoustic, Blues, Country, Folk, Rock

Difficulties: Beginner-Intermediate

Tunings: Standard

Guitar Types: Acoustic

Techniques Used:

Alternate (Down-Up) Strumming, Hammer-ons and Pull-offs, Chord Arpeggiation, Flatpicking, String Skipping, Fret-hand Muting, Finger Slides, Bass-line "Walk-ups" and "Walk Downs," Position Shifts, Using Drop-D Tuning, Melodic sus2 and sus4 Chord Extensions, Employing a Capo, Low-string Barred Power Chords, Thumb Fretting, Using Open Strings as Pedal Tones, String Bending


John Lennon, Jimmy Page, Don Felder, Bob Dylan, Pete Townshend, Ian Anderson

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