Dale Turner Guide to Acoustic Rock Guitar - TABS ONLY

Dale Turner Guide to Acoustic Rock Guitar - TABS ONLY

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Dale Turner’s Guide to Acoustic Rock Guitar is the ultimate guide for acoustic rock guitar players! With this DVD you’ll learn the acoustic rock secrets of artists like John Mayer, Dave Matthews, Paul McCartney, Eric Clapton, and Neil Young. You’ll be taught basic and intermediate soloing, basic strumming patterns, fingerpicking, using a capo, alternate tunings, arpeggiated patterns, and much more!

Instructor Name: 
Dale Turner

Genres: Acoustic, Bluegrass, Folk, Pop, Rock

Difficulties: Intermediate

Tunings: Standard

Guitar Types: Acoustic

Techniques Used: Flatpicking, Fingerpicking, Strumming and Arpeggiating Open Chords nad Barre Chords, Travis Picking, Fret-hand and Pick-hand Muting, String Skipping, Alternate Picking, Incorporating Melodic Bass Lines into Chord Progressions, Melodic Chord Extensions, Hammering-on and Pulling-off to Notes within Chords, 16th-note "Pendulum" Strumming, Open-string Pedal Tones, Banjo-style Roll Patterns, Sliding and Shifting Chord Shapes Up and Down the Neck

Artists: Neil Young, Dave Matthews, James Taylor, John Mayer, Bob Dylan, Eric Clapton, Lindsey Buckingham, Paul McCartney, Pete Townshend, Doc Watson




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