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How to Play Funk Bass! - TABS ONLY

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In this concise but action-packed eight-lesson course, veteran NYC bassist and former Guitar World Music Editor Matt Scharfgass shows you the essential playing techniques and stylistic elements of funk bass playing. Taking a graduated approach that features real-world bass lines demonstrated with exciting rhythm-section backing tracks, Matt starts out with simple but super-catchy repeating lines, with each chapter’s examples becoming progressively more challenging and musically complex. At the same time, Matt leads you on a fascinating journey through the past five decades, presenting all the major stylistical developments and popular trends in the art of funk bass playing, from its birth in mid-Sixties soul and Motown, through the Seventies and Eighties, with the influence of electronic dance music, synth bass lines and smooth jazz/fusion, to flashy slap-and-pop technique, with examples inspired by the playing of such bass legends as Larry Graham, Bernard Edwards, James Jamerson, Marcus Miller, Jaco Pastorius, Chuck Rainey and others. The style’s entire range of enduringly popular sub-genres and trends is covered and masterfully taught, with the final chapter presenting a fun, challenging lesson on slapping and popping.

Instructor Name: Matt Scharfglass

Genres: Funk, R&B, Soul

Difficulties: Intermediate-Advanced

Tunings: Standard

Guitar Types: Bass

Techniques Used: arpeggios, dead notes, fret-hand muting, fingerpicking, hammer-ons, modes, octaves, rakes, pull-offs, scales, slapping and popping, vibrato

Artists: Paul Denman, Larry Graham, Bernard Edwards, James Jamerson, John Paul Jones, Marcus Miller, Jaco Pastorius, Chuck Rainey, Willie Weeks, Robert Wilson


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