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Mastering Arpeggios Part 3 - TABS ONLY

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This third product in the Mastering Arpeggios series picks up where Mastering Arpeggios 2 left off, covering six additional seventh-chord qualities that sound more mysterious and exotic than the five primary ones introduced in the previous product. Again focusing on the popular guitar key of G, your instructor, longtime Guitar World Senior Music Editor, Jimmy Brown, methodically presents all  fretboard positions and two-octave fingering patterns for G minor major-seven, G major-seven flat-five, G major-seven sharp-five, G dominant-seven flat-five, G dominant-seven sharp-five and G dominant-seven sus4 arpeggios and shows you how to transpose them to any other key, either by progressing through the cycle of fourths/fifths or taking each shape and moving it up or down chromatically (in one-fret increments). Jimmy then shows you extended, two-notes-per-string “monster” patterns that crawl diagonally up and across the neck, spanning three octaves. Also covered are the seven diatonic seventh-chord arpeggios that live within the E harmonic minor and E melodic minor scales, demonstrated in all positions, and interval patterns of fourths, fifths, sixths and sevenths applied to the arpeggios. The lesson concludes with an entertaining performance of an original interpretation and tab arrangement of “Prelude, BWV 999″ (also known as “Prelude in D Minor”) by Johann Sebastian Bach, which serves as an effective and musically satisfying practice piece that incorporates many of the arpeggios learned up to this point in the lesson series.

Instructor Name: Jimmy Brown

Genres: Acoustic, Classical, Jazz, Lead, Metal, Rock, Shred

Difficulties: Advanced

Tunings: Standard

Guitar Types: Electric

Techniques Used: alternate picking, arpeggios, barring, palm muting, position shifts, string skipping, wide stretches

Artists: non-specific, Johann Sebastian Bach



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