TWICE 2017 Quadruple Pack

TWICE 2017 Quadruple Pack

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This Digital Quadruple pack features: 

TWICE 2017 Top 100 CE Retailers Report -
Provides an in-depth look at the shifting patterns of industry retailers with sales of $5 million and up. Here you'll find the data and trends that will impact the industry for the forthcoming year. See which dealers have turned a corner to stay ahead in this mixed bag of winners and losers.

TWICE 2017 Top 25 CE E-tailers Report - Fueled by the popularity of mobile shopping, and e-commerce investments that could rival some Third World GDPs, the country’s largest pure-play and multichannel tech dealers enjoyed another double-digit online sales spike last year. The industry’s leading online lights together garnered $52.4 million in digital sales, representing a 15 percent increase from 2015.

TWICE 2017 Top 50 Major Appliance Retailers Report-  We have often compared the electronics and appliance categories to the stock and bond markets: CE, like stocks, can prove volatile, with sharp spikes and stomach-churning declines, while steady-as-she-goes majaps, like debt securities, can help ease the roller-coaster ride. The analogy was never truer than last year, when appliance sell-through returned to its historic 4 percent mean amid another tough slog for CE. The exclusive study shows which way the pendulum is swaying, and in which dealer’s favor.

Retailing Giants: TWICE 2017 Top 100 CE/Major Appliance Retailers Report- The list, which combines TWICE’s Top CE and Major Appliance retailer sales totals as determined by market research partner The Stevenson Company, reflects both pain and gain for most names. Pain, if not dissolution, for those merchants who remain stuck in their old 20th century boomer ways, and a new lease on life for those with the creativity and will to break the old mold and start anew.

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