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BassPlayer Dec - 2011 Jeff Ament

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JEFF AMENT - Twenty years after solidifying the grunge sound on its debut CD Ten, Pearl Jam is the subject of a new Cameron Crowe fi lm, and Ament and longtime collaborator Mike Lull are bringing out a signature bass. Still alive? Hell yes! TOMMY SIMS - What does it take to get your playing on 45 million records worldwide? Knowing instinctively what every project requires. From Bruce Springsteen to Sheryl Crow, Sims always does the right thing.

FENDER P-BASS: THE EARLY YEARS The immortal Fender Precision Bass turned 60 this year. Here are 51 historic facts about the fi rst decade of the electric bass that started it all.

New Gear - Products from Roland, Bag End, Planet Waves & more; DONNY HATHAWAY’S “THIS CHRISTMAS”...

And much more!

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