Acoustic Rock Magazine - 2008

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The 2008 edition of Acoustic Rock is jam-packed with all things acoustic, including the 100 greatest acoustic albums, the top-50 acoustic songs and artists' picks of their top five acoustic albums! You'll learn how to play today's biggest acoustic hits with TAB instruction and EZ Charts. Plus, it includes a complete guide to amplifying your acoustic guitar and how to purchase the acoustic that's right for you!

The 2008 Acoustic Rock magazine is a must-have for any acoustic fan or guitarists. Get it now for only $9.99 while supplies last!

Acoustic Rock Features include:

  • 100 Essential Acoustic Albums: Your favorite acoustic guitarists identify the acoustic rock, blues, country, bluegrass and fingerstyle albums you need to own. PLUS! 50 Acoustic Rock Songs - all classics, all indispensable.
  • Paul McCartney: In a career-spanning interview, Paul McCartney discusses some of his greatest acoustic songs, his unique playing style and the music and musicians that influenced him.
  • John Mayer: The singer, songwriter and guitarist talks about following his muse and developing his sound.
  • Tom Petty: Whether he's playing acoustic on his solo albums or jamming with the Heartbreakers at the Super Bowl, Tom Petty remains selflessly devoted to rock and roll.
  • Nickelback: Chad Kroeger and Ryan Peak reflect on the band's great unplugged gamble on their smash album, All the Right Reasons.
  • How to Amplify Your Acoustic Guitar: From pickups to microphones, to preamps to amps - everything you need to know to amplify your acoustic.
  • How to Buy an Acoustic Guitar: A guide to finding your ideal instrument, from tone-wood tops to composite backs to concert, dreadnought and jumbo bodies.

Plus Gear Reviews!

5 Songs with Tabs!
Nickelback - "Photograph"
The Beatles - "Across the Universe"
Daughtry - "Home"
Tom Petty - "Free Fallin"
The Black Crowes - "She Talks to Angels"

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