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Bass Player - Holiday 2014 - Les Claypool

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Bass Player - Holiday 2014 – Les Claypool

Bass Player’s Holiday 2014 issue features, Les Claypool. Like fine wine, Les gets better with age! Consumed with side projects for the past decade, Les has a hankerin’ to reconvene Primus and sink his teeth into something scrumdidilyumptious.

Next, we reveal the magic of Steve Rodby. One of the top bassists in jazz who has emerged as perhaps the most accomplished modern producers in the genre.

Also, catch the notes from an amazing week in Germany at Warwick Bass Camp 2014, learning from players such as Victor Wooten, Gary Willis, and Alphonso Johnson.

Finally, read how T.M. Stevens captures the feel and rhythmic attitude of the late-70’s New York session scene on Narada Michael Walden’s disco hit “I shoulda loved ya”.


Plus: Vince Dennis embracing the dark side with Body Count. Billy Ruller re-interpreting classics with Robert Plant, FENDER American Standard Dimension Bass V, Moollon J-Classic , and much more!

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