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Bass Player - January 2015 - Edgar Meyer

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Bass Player’s January 2015 issue features, Edgar Meyer. The accolades and awards keep coming, but the classical and bluegrass upright virtuoso remains focused on the results of his playing rather than the playing itself. 

Next, Troy Sanders goes from curious little brother to the bassist of Mastodon. His passion and persistence have paid off big time.

Edgar Winter Group's "Frankenstein"  - Dan Hartman's electric line animates the riff-tastic instrumental from 1973. 

Read from Bass Notes on, Myles Weeks on developing a sense of self, Rob Higgins on family lines, Takeshi All for one and Jonathan Hischke on connecting the dots. 

Finally, don't miss the Expo on Jack Bruce (1943 - 2014) 

Plus: KEMPER Profiler Power Rack, HARTKE HD50 combo amp, ELRICK New Jazz Standard 4 & 5-String basses, CREATION AUDIO LABS Grizzly Bass & Funkulator pedals and much more!

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