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Bass Player - January 2016 - Jaco!

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Our first issue of the New Year features Jaco! After years of delays, the definitive documentary biography of Jaco Pastorius is here. The epic collaboration among family, friends, and artists tells the life story of the troubled genius, warts and all.

Michael Thurber. He has one foot in TV on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert and the other online with the innovative Collection Cadenza.

Elton John’sTake Me To The Pilot”. The masterful Dee Murray draws from R&B and jazz roots to bring motion and melody to the 1970 live recording.

Community: Lowdown, the Real World, Dig My Rig, Court of Opinion

New Gear: Kiesel, Genzler, Bergantino & more

Bobby’s Bassment: A (serious) oldie from Ampeg


Bass Notes: Nikki Monninger, life/work balance with Silversun Pickups.

Kenny Aaronson Dream come true with the Yardbirds.

George Gekas leading from behind with the Revivalists.

BP Recommends


Soundroom: Elrick - expat e-volution 4- and 5 string

                       Barefaced – Big Baby II & Big Twin II cabinets

                      TWA – Little Dipper 2.0 filtering pedal

Woodshed: Jazz Concepts Ray Brown at his best

                      NEW! R&B Gold Blues, meet rhythm

                      Tonal Vision Jaco & the MXR Digital Delay


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