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Bass Player - May 2016 - Hadrien Feraud

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Bass Player – May 2016

Hadrien Feraud – One of the world’s premier fusion flame-keepers blends harmonic sophistication with accessible melodies on his new CD, Born in the ‘80s.

Flatwound Strings Roundup – Before roundwound strings, there were flats – and like all good things, what were once passé have become hip and fresh again.

David Bowie’sLazarus” – Tim Lefebvre anchors the Thin White Duke’s funky sonic epitaph with a deep-pocketed groove bookended by upper-register improvisations.

Community: Lowdown, the Real World, Dig My Rig, Court of Opinion

New Gear: Sadowsky, Hartke, Orange, and more

Bass Notes: John Dalton & Jim Rodford spanning decades with the Kinks

David Supica smacking down with the Delta Saints

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