Bass Player - October 2016 - Bakithi Kumalo

Bass Player - October 2016 - Bakithi Kumalo

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Bass Player – October 2016 - Bakithi Kumalo 


Bakithi Kumalo In South Africa, he had more life experience and hardship than most of us will ever see and that was before he ever played a note with Paul Simon. By E.E. Brandman  

Miroslav Vitous – Coming Full-circle by re-interpreting the music of Weather Report, the band for which he's still best remembered, 40-plus years later. By Rick Suchow

Rainbow's "Snake Charmer" -  Craig Gruber gallops through a masterful performance on this hard-rock classic from 1975.


Community:  Lowdown, the Real World 

New Gear:  Fender, Cort, Fodera  

The Innovations: Aguilar's Dave Boonshot 

Bass Notes:  Sergio Vega- Wall of low end with Deftones 

                      Tully Kennedy - Doing it all for Jason Alden 

                      BP Recommends


Soundroom:  Ernie Ball Music Man - Cutlass & Caprice 4-strings

                      Hartke - Kickback KB12 combo amp


Woodshed:   Jazz Concepts –  Soloing over "Cantaloupe" 

                      R&B Gold – Big bass for Little Richard 




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