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Bass Player - September 2014 - Tony Levin

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Bass Player - September 2014 -Tony Levin

Bass Player September 2014 features Tony Levin, who has established himself as one of the cornerstone bass sideman in contemporary music history, locking down landmark recording jazz, rock, folk, and pop realm. Just as comfortable on a huge stage with King Crimson or Peter Gabriel, the Stick Man switches gears on his intimate new jazz CD, Levin Brothers.

Next, we focus on Dave Farrell. Dave Farrell & Linkin Park step away from their electronic-rock sound to return to their hard metal roots on their sixth album, The Hunting Party, where Farrell unleashes his playing on the band’s most bottom-heavy record yet.

Finally, learn how Tony Butler helped relaunch Chrissie Hynde & company with this 1982 rock classic, The Pretenders “Back on the Chain Gang”.

Plus: Dave Harley Diet Jaco & Carol Kaye for Dummies, Tarik Ragab Chamber rock with MoeTar, Dan Lakin Basses Joe Osborn & Bob Glaub Signature models, Technique tip the “Poinciana beat”, and much more!

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