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Bass Player - September 2015 - Louis Johnson

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Bass Player’s September 2015 issue pays tribute to the life & legacy of Louis Johnson, more famously known as “Thunder Thumbs”. He ruled the late ‘70s and early ‘80s before sadly passing away at the age of 60 in May.

Founding member Dennis Dunaway of Alice Cooper then gives us insight into how he can craft the baseline making it both as musical and memorable as the vocal melody itself. He discusses the classic “School’s Out” and also lets us know that his recently released book Snakes! Guillotines! Electric Chairs! My Adventures in the Alice Cooper Group is a good read.

Jimmy Leslie gives us the rundown on Mike Kerr. Mike is of the British buzz band Royal Blood and it seems everybody is digging Kerr’s riffs these days. He’s been spotted everywhere from Coachella to the Howard Stern Show. Royal Blood has only been around since 2013 with one other member Ben Thatcher and you can expect to see lots more of them.

Bobby’s Bassment: Making or breaking your sound with strings.

Blues you can use: Eight bars with a twist

Jazz Concepts: Bass Time in the Summertime Exploring a Classic

Community: Lowdown, the Real World, Dig My Rig, Court of Opinion

New Gear: EBS, Elixir, Nordstrand, SolidgoldFX & more

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