Bass Player - September 2016 - Lightweight Amp Head Roundup

Bass Player - September 2016 - Lightweight Amp Head Roundup

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Bass Player – September 2016

At the turn of the 21st Century, Lightweight, high-powered amps became the rage when switch-mode power supplies and Class D amp topology were adapted to the demands of the musical-instrument world. Thanks to clever technology, bass amps offering tons of power weigh less than ever. We sample 12 of these mighty minis. By Ed Friedland.  


Jamareo Artis – Boosted by his super-high-profile gig with Bruno Mars, "Jam" is making a name for himself with his ambitious solo debut, The Red Boombox. By Jon D'Auria 

Lake Street Dive's "Can't Stop" -  Bridget Kearney drew inspiration from an obscure soul song for her infectious subhooks on this Side Pony groover.

Community:  Lowdown, the Real World, Court of Opinion

New Gear:  Gretsch, Amptweaker, Darkglass 

New! The Innovations: Michael Tobias    

Bass Notes:  Kevin Smith- Learning on the job with Willie Nelson 

                      Doug Johns - Master Conjurer

                      BP Recommends


Soundroom:   Artisan Bass Works- Classic Series True-Tone 4 String 

                      Boss- BB-1X Bass Driver pedal 


Woodshed:   Jazz Concepts – Patterns for your melon 

                      R&B Gold – From "Scorpio" to Superfly 



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