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Buyer's Guide 2010-Rock of Love

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Electric Guitars: Get your hands on something that's guaranteed to make you wail. Whether you like them curvy, slim, big or thick, you'll find just the thing to keep you performing all night long.

Acoustic Guitars: On the hole, we're sure you know how to handle yourself, so get your hands on one of these hot boxes. From flattops to archtops to acoustic electrics-we've got 'em in every shape and size.

Bass Guitars: Looking for a bass hit? Well get ready to score a home run with one of these big-bottom swingers. Your fans will be screaming for more.

Amplifiers & Speakers: Plug in, turn on and have a rockin' good time. Our stacks, heads, combos and woofers will shake the walls, form the first squeal to the last.

Effects: These little boxes are weird, wild and wonderful. Don't believe us? Just put your finger on the button and put some juice in your playing.

Pickups, Parts & Accessories: Everyone needs a little help now and then, or maybe just something to stimulate their playtime. get yourself back in action with a strap, a pickup or a pair of spectacular knobs.

Strings: Whether you pick, pluck or finger, you'll love the feel of these easy-to-handle beauties, available in every variety-from fast and loose to fat and lowdown.

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