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Buyer's Guide 2011 - Playmates

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Electric Guitars: If you're ready to rip it up, tear a page out of our guide to the hottest and most curvaceous electrics. They're guaranteed to give you maximum exposure.

Acoustic Guitars: Wanna hole lotta love? You'll be ready to tackle the most intimate performances with this collection of flattops, archtops and acoustic-electrics.

Bass Guitars: Whether you like 'em with four, five, six, or more string, you'll score a bass hit with one of these big-bottom beauties.

Amplifiers and Speakers: Looking for a hot combo or smoking stack? Plug into one of these babies. They have enough inputs and knobs to guarantee sweet tones and maximum output.

Effects: Oh, the things you can do with our boxes! Juice up your tone with these weird, wild and wonderful effects.

Pickups, Parts and Accessories: Need a little help? Spice up your experience with some hot pickups, studded straps or a perky pair of knobs.

Strings: Whether you like it tight, loose, thick or thin, we've got strings for every style of play-from picking to plucking to fingering.

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