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Buyer's Guide 2012-Crystal Harris & Anna Berglund

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Summer 2012 – Buyer's Guide

The ultimate guitar buyer's guide featuring Hef's hot heartbreakers, Playboy Playmates Crystal Harris and Anna Berglund. This issue includes:

    • Electric Guitars:
      For an electric experience, you can't beat this year's sleek and sexy models.

    • Acoustic Guitars:
      If you like your tone au naturel, you'll love this collection of flattops, archtops and acoustic electrics.

    • Bass Guitars:
      Lift up the low end with big-bottom beauties in every shape and style.

    • Amplifiers and Speakers:
      Head, stack or combo? We've got what you need for any tone and every venue--from the bedroom to the stage.

    • Effects:
      Bust out bodacious tones with this badass bunch of pedals and boxes.

    • Pickups, Parts and Accessories:
      Want to do it your way? Personalize your playtime with straps, cables, gig bags and more.

    • Strings:
    Give your fingers a little action for a squealing good time.


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