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Chapter 1: SRV Essentials, “Pride & Joy”

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Chapter 1: SRV Essentials, “Pride & Joy”

This lesson teaches you how to play a classic SRV- and Jimmy Reed-style Texas shuffle rhythm pattern in the key of E. Also covered are the Eminor pentatonic and E blues scales in first position, with examples of lead licks based on these scale patterns, using combinations of open strings and fretted notes, in conjunction with hammer-ons, pull-offs, finger slides, string bends and double-stops, à la Stevie’s “Pride & Joy” solo.


Blues, Blues Rock




Standard Half Step Down

Techniques Used:

power chords, string skipping, string bends, finger slides, pull-offs, trills, scales, hammer-ons, using open strings, double-stops, triple-stops

Run Time:


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